September 20–25, 2018 | Genoa, Italy

Genoa International Boat Show

At the Genoa Boat Show, the World premier launch of the Suzuki Multi-Function Display, DF175A/150A and white models of DF6A/9.9B/15A/20A was made. There were many reporters from both Europe and elsewhere, and the press launch gathered hundreds of listeners to the Suzuki booth. A test ride of those new products was also held, leading to a lot of good feedback on those new products.

January 20–28, 2018 | Dusseldorf, Germany

Dusseldorf International Boat Show

The Dusseldorf Boat Show is one of the biggest boat shows in the world. Suzuki launched its GEKI series DF325A model at this boat show.

March 8–11, 2018 | Yokohama, Japan

Japan International Boat Show 2018

At the Japan International Boat Show 2018 held in Yokohama, our DF350A cut away model gathered a lot of attention. In addition, the new WATERGRIP propeller series was launched. With a display of both the DF350A and DF325A, the GEKI brand was introduced to our Japanese customers.